Put yourself in the shoes of a foundation decision-maker who peruses hundreds of proposals each year.  For a submission to stand out and shine it needs to be superbly written, captivating and exciting the reader while demonstrating a compelling case for investment partnership.  To learn more about how we can help you put forth the highest quality narrative, please contact:  

Grantwriting is more than mere words on paper.  A successful narrative is born from a finely honed corporate structure that includes a mission and vision statement, plus well-articulated goals, objectives and outcomes. Crafting these policies is often difficult but we can help guide your nonprofit thru the process.  To learn more about how we can help with budgeting, plus strategic management, business and marketing plans, please contact: 

An award-winning grant narrative uses statistics, testimonials and facts to help make its case.  All information must be credible and properly sourced,  as well as timely.  For instance, federal government RFPs only accept data that is less than five years old.  To learn more about how our research efforts can enhance your proposals, please contact: 

Before you can apply for grants, you first need to find them!  Let us save your staff hours of research time and your budget the cost of expensive database memberships. To learn more about our search service, please contact: 

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