Q: Will the application you create then serve as the template for future grant applications--i.e one and done?

A:  Ah, no, sorry.  Think of it this way:  in today’s tough economy would you advise a job seeker to send out the same resume and cover letter to fifty prospective employers?  That’s a surefire method to remain unemployed!  Career counselors instruct people to tailor their experience and credentials  to fit the needs of each particular job.  It works the same way with grant applications.  While info from your strategic, business and marketing plans remains the same, the way in which you present your organization should be tailored to the mission of each individual foundation. 

Q:  Why do you ask so many questions?  I thought grant writers are journalists that just write up the application?

A: Yes, a superbly written  application is important and certainly part of the recipe for grant success, but, a narrative is only as good as the story it has to tell.  Grant writing is not a creative writing exercise  but rather an articulation of substantive business plans.

Q:  Other grant making services promise a “turnkey” approach where they answer all the tough questions.  Why are you making us do all the hard work? 

A:  Think about it for a minute:  do you really want someone ELSE determining the goals and mission for YOUR organization?  Nonprofits exist because people had a dream; a vision to do good work and make a difference in the world.  Our role is not to dictate the direction of your nonprofit but rather to assist and guide your board and management team toward articulation and fulfillment of YOUR plans.

Q:  Can you guarantee your grant will win us an award?

A:  Benjamin Franklin famously said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes.  No grant writing service can—in good faith—predict that your nonprofit will receive an award   as there are just too many factors out of our control—i.e. the resources and funding strategies of each foundation.  At LaBonBon Communications, however, we can guarantee that nonprofits who complete our full grant development process will emerge as stronger and healthier organizations positioned for fundraising success.  

Q.  We are an all-volunteer organization and just don’t have the money for a professionally-written proposal.  Does this mean you can’t help us?

A.  No.  Having spent most of her career in the not-for-profit sector, our corporate founder, Kathleen LaBonne, understands the budget constraints of many small to midsized agencies.  In fact, our company was founded on the principle of providing valuable yet affordable grant-related services to all nonprofits. A custom-crafted application from Kathleen is the best case scenario but when that’s not an option we can provide guidance  and assistance.  Our corporate assessment and resulting Roadmap to Success recommendation report is a cost-effective way for your organization's homegrown proposal  to score more points.