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Step One—Corporate Assessment 
Whether your organization is interested in hiring us to write your proposal or you need assistance stepping up your own grant efforts, the award-winning team at LaBonBon Communications is  here to help with our customized Roadmap to Success evaluation and recommendation report. To start, simply place your order today and we will send out our in-depth organizational assessment form, which asks for the same sort of information requested by funders.

Grant Writing Clients—
The data YOU provide determines the next step. Organizations with  a detailed budget, plus well-developed strategic and business plans that incorporate a strongly articulated mission—as well as goals, objectives and projected outcomes—are ready for our grant-writing process, while others may require our pre-narrative preparation assistance.

What is your organization’s grant approval ratio?  Industry standards set the minimum success rate at 25 percent.  If your agency is striking out too often, or if you’re ready to make the leap toward larger gifts,  your proposal demands a critical review by seasoned industry experts.  Our skilled business professionals are trained to look for ways to score your application more points.

Either way, after assessing the completed questionnaire and reviewing your website, we will prepare a one-time only Roadmap to Success recommendation report which will indicate areas of organizational strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide advice, guidance and support to help you put forth an award-winning proposal.  
 Only $750.00
Step Two—Grant Writing
Place your order following  satisfaction of all inquiries and requests in our Roadmap to Success assessment. Price is for the preparation, composition and submission of one application.

—Minnesota Common Grant Application (or equivalent) for private, community or corporate foundations.
Only $2000.00

Government Grant Application (federal, state or local). 
Only $4000.00