aBonBon Communications' team of top business development  professionals provide award-winning grant/RFP search, preparation assistance, research and  writing for nonprofits and public agencies. We have the knowledge, experience and bright ideas to help you achieve funding success!
•  Prospect Searching—To find your organization funding we have expensive paid memberships to exclusive private foundation databases, plus the expertise to navigate the federal government's grants clearinghouse.

•  Application Preparation—Your company’s strategic and business plans form the foundation for a grant application. Without a superbly-crafted mission and vision statement, plus well-articulated goals, objectives and outcomes, your application lacks substance.  We can help with the hard stuff.  With our guidance, companies can meet and exceed funding objectives, plus become stronger through refocus and refinement of existing business structures.  

•  Proposal Research—As part of the process to present a compelling case for investment, a narrative should contain supporting evidence and/or statistics that are relevant, timely and originate from credible sources.  Our research specialist can locate the perfect data to enhance your request.

•  Grant Writing—For a grant submission to stand out and shine it needs to be superbly written, captivating and exciting the reader while demonstrating a compelling case for investment partnership.  Leave it to our expert—a professional journalist—to pull it all together, crafting the highest quality narrative. 

•  Editing/Technical Assistance—We don’t recommend the do-it-yourself approach, but when deadlines are looming and your proposal just isn’t coming together, we can help.  Our team will get you over the hump and back on track to grant success.